Saturday, June 14, 2014



I've shown "ghost" captured on film throughout my blog over the years. these are my favorites. 
Here are some pictures that were taken with an ordinary camera. When you look close at these pictures, you'll realize that they are far beyond ordinary.
Click on the picture to see full size.

This picture was taken in Gettysburg, PA in one of the most haunted areas in the United States. After looking close at the rock in the picture, the taker noticed he captured what appears to be a Civil War soldier. 

 This picture is of the oldest school house in The United States. The school house is no longer used and the upstairs is closed off. When you look close you could see some children decided to stay after school.
This basketball game had a few extra people cheering them on.
 After this picture was taken, it was noticed that a little girl was looking out the front window, even though no little children lived in the house.

Could you see the "ghost" in this picture? If not, look at the tv screen.
In this incredible picture, a reporter snapped a photo of a raging fire that engulfed a building. It was later noticed that a little girl was standing in the middle of the flames looking back out at the reporter. No body was found in the rubble but years earlier, on this very spot, a house fire took the life of a little girl.
 Two days AFTER the death of an air force pilot, a group photo was taken. It turns out that the dead pilot decided to show up for the group shot after all. Look closely behind the head of the man in the red circle.
 This cute little boy had no idea that behind him, in his doorway, was the ghostly image of a little old lady and a bull dog who seem to be looking out at him.
 This picture of a group of friends was taken on a man's cell phone camera. He intended to have seven people in the photo. When he looked closer he realized an eighth came to join them.
 The town of Amityville, NY was thrown into the spot light after a family claimed their Long Island house was haunted by ghost of the previous family who were all murdered in the house. During the investigation of the haunting hundreds of pictures wee taken. While studying the photographs they came upon this single shot of a little boy staring back at them through a bedroom doorway. The same doorway where the children where shot to death. 

Monday, June 09, 2014


Hi guys. Here's a mixed bag of pictures that I've taken over last few months. Still working on the picture taking skills. I hop you guys enjoy.