Thursday, May 03, 2007

I like to thank the Acadamy....

I always thought it was a strange ritual when watching the Oscar Awards and the winners would get up on stage and thank those most important to them. Some would thank God, some would thank their parents, the director and the film studio. Sally Fields helled out "You like me... you really like me"! Well yes Sally, we do like you.

I started thinking who I would thank if I was up on that stage. Then I started thinking about who and what has been most important to me so far in life. This is my list of people and things and why they are important.

My Mom: For showing me how to survive and laugh. She actually showed me laughing is how you survive. It's not about what happens in your life, it's all about how you handle it. She was a true survivor and a true comedian at times and I thank her for passing that on to me.

Joe: My best friend in life. From the day I met him we became friends. He was one of the very few people in my life that seemed to understand what it was like to be me and excepted me for who I am. He made me feel worth while. From just hanging out doing nothing to getting wasted to working our asses off, he stood by me. I believe that not everyone finds a true best friend. I'm thankful I found mine!

My Jeep Wrangler: I wanted a Jeep since I was a kid and when I bought my first one in 2001 I fell in love with it. Now I know it's only a "car" but this yellow Jeep with a Superman wheel cover has been my favorite ride of all time. From cruising through the deep snow to driving to Tennessee with the top off has been the coolest times. My dream is to drive across country some day.

The Hospital: I've worked at the Hospital Of Saint Raphael more than half of my life. The people I've met there have become part of my family. The skills I was lucky enough to been taught have given me a career. I think it's time to move on though.

Kenny: My older brother has always been that... an older brother. He's always looked out for me and sacrificed for many people. He lost his eye site last year but hasn't lost "who he is". He is.. well, he's funny, loyal, cheap as hell and admits to that and like my mother, a survivor. We've been through a lot together and it's been a wild ride that was fun because of him!

Gary and the dogs: I met Gary a few years ago and dated him for about a year. He's a great looking loving guy who owns two dogs. Both are yellow labs and I love the dogs to death, Now even though it didn't work out like I wish it did with Gary he's still one of the best friends I ever had. He's like a safe haven to me. Sheffield and George (the dogs) make me feel wanted and loved. I feel blessed to have Gary, the dogs and his family in my life. How can't you love a true Italian family?!!!

Mark Bingham and his Mom Alice: From the day I found out what he did on United Flight 93 and how he gave his life to stop the terrorists on the plane to the eye opened revelation that he was gay and showed that being gay no difference that day. Part of me thinks that maybe being gay made a difference in a good way. That was part of who Mark was. I used his bravery to tell people I was gay also. With the support of his mother Alice and a couple of his friends (Joe and Todd..thank you!) I took these frighting steps to telling the world who Richard Clark really was. Mark helped change my life for the better and I could never thank him enough for the courage he showed on September 11, 2001 and the courage he passed on to me today. You're a true hero to me!

Wayne: Growing up with Wayne was some of the best times of my childhood. You were more of a brother to me than a cousin. From all the movies we watched to all the trips we took with your dad to the crazy sleep overs and all the adventures any kid could ask for. I remember laying outside looking up at the stars while camping in your back yard talking about what we were going to do when we got older. I think I was planning on being a cop.. ha ha. You were going to buy a horse ranch. As life played it cruel games and took you from us at such and early age we never got to see our dreams come to light. I miss you and I look forward to the day we see each other again in heaven!