Sunday, May 31, 2009

San Francisco, Gay Rights, Star Trek and Geocaching. May in a nutshell.

I can't believe I missed the entire month of May without one entry. It's not like nothing happened in May. It's more that I have been so busy. So here's a look back at some of the things I would like to bring into focus from May. Think of it as a cluster of mini blog post.

I went to San Francisco with my best friend Joe. We went out there to visit my friends Joe, Todd and Alice. Alice's son, Mark Bingham, was one of the four people believed to have stormed the cockpit and stop the terrorists on his hijacked plane from crashing it into the White House. Mark was a man who loved life, his family and friends. Mark also happened to be gay. He was on United Flight 93 and he gave his life to save hundreds.

This leads to my next mini post. Why in the world do people feel they need to vote to let gay people marry? This is a basic right that straight people in love all have. Gay people love each other in the same way. How could one set of people decide on something so personal? How could we allow a majority vote on rights of a minority? If this was the case than we would have never seen women cast their votes in elections. We would have never seen blacks go to the same schools as white or even drink from the same water fountains. I only hope that all women and African-Americans remember this next time this question of gay marriage is brought up for vote.

As for vote. I vote that so far Star Trek is the best movie of the summer so far! This movie Rocked.

Speaking of Rocks, I have a new hobby called geocaching. It's kind of like a treasure hunt that's world wide. People from all over leave boxes hidden in different places. they mark their location on GPS and the computer and others use clues to find them. It's serious fun. Today I climbed the most rockiest trails up the side of a HUGE hill to seek out one of these caches. Well worth the climb!

Ok, that's about it. I promise I'll be back in June!