Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I was outraged tonight watching FOX NEWS 5 NY. Several times on their little news briefs they mentioned a shocking song that was being played over the airwaves. Here I am thinking that it must be a song about something horrible like death and violence. During the evening news broadcast they showed the story and it was about a song by Katy Perry called "I Kissed A Girl And Liked It."

Fox covered this story as though it was the most horrible thing for any radio station to play. They never once mentioned all the rap songs that talk about violence to women and police officers. They failed to mention all it was about was affection between two same sexed people. So she kissed a girl and liked it. Hell, maybe more people should kiss out there in the world and maybe things wouldn't be so bad. They showed people saying that it should be taken off the radio. One woman said that she didn't want her kids listening to a song like this and another very ignorant woman who seemed outraged by the song. They never once mentioned that there are women who kiss women in the world or that this song shows the world is moving in a positive direction, away from hate. But no, FOX NEWS 5 NY decided to go in that dark, horrible direction and feed the machine just for a story.

I'm not saying that everyone has to agree or understand the fact that there are millions of gay people on this planet we all share. What I am asking for is that we give people the right to show or sing that gay people exist and are human beings with the will to love and not have to hide it from the world. What FOX NEWS 5 NY did tonight was spread even more homophobia in a world where it's running ramped already.

I am shocked and disillusioned by how bias and negative this story was covered. Guess what FOX NEWS 5 NY.. There's gay people all around you and your viewers so if you really want to shocked look at the person that's standing next to you... you just never know, they might have kissed the same sex before. Oh the scandal. Here are the lyrics they seem to find so horrible and offensive:

I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it
I liked it

Monday, May 26, 2008

E.T. The Extraterrestrial

It's been more than 25 years since a wrinkled little alien was left behind on the planet Earth and befriended by a 10 year old boy named Elliott.

Tonight, after a very long time, I watched E.T. The Extraterrestrial on Nick At Night. I was pleasantly surprised how this film held up to the test of time and still oozed magic and wonder.

I remember seeing this movie as a teen. It was a time in my life where it felt my whole world was falling apart. I just lost my father and my mother was horribly injured in a car accident at the hands of a drunk driver. I remember sitting in the movie theater and I found a way to step out of reality, even f it was for just a couple hours.

Time has gone by and like so many magical things from the past I forgot about this movie and how it made me feel inside as I sat in the movie theater so many years ago.

I found myself still mesmerized when E.T. took Elliott on a magical bike ride across the moon.
My heart still choked up when Elliott, who believes E.T. has died in the hands of the government agents, tries to come to terms with his death.
I found myself remembering how I sat at the edge of my seat in the movie theater as E.T.'s rescuers raced their bikes around government agents in a heroic rescue.
But what still was the most notable moment was when Elliott says goodbye to E.T. as his spaceship awaits. The dialog between the teary eyed Elliott and the thankful alien still pulls my heartstrings as it did back then. I think it goes down as one of the most moving moments in motion picture history when E.T. tells Elliott "I'll be right here" as he touches Elliott's heart.
Not until now did I realize that dealing with the death and sudden loss of my father back then was the reason I found this so moving for me.

This movie is a pure treasure and one of my most favorite films of all time. It's simple Steven Spielberg at his best and I movie that will always be special in my heart.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Happy Memorial Day 2008"

It's Memorial Day and as far as I see it, it's the unofficial start to summer. It's a time for cook-outs,parades, the beach and the sun.
But let's take a moment to remember all the men and women in our armed forces who served and are serving this country. If you agree with this war or not we need to support these brave people who are putting their lives in the line of fire.
So to all our military present and past I salute you and your families. I wish you all a safe and speedy return home and everyone a Happy Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day : Lessons Of A Mother"

Every mother has lessons for their children. These lessons go beyond washing behind your ears, saying thank you and please and sitting up straight. A true mother instills lessons of life in their children without the children even knowing it. I look back at my mother and I could easily zone in on the lessons that I've learned.

She taught me strength through living. Never to stop walking forward. She was a true believer in the fact that no matter how hard things get, they will so enough get better. I learned this after my father died. My mom tried her best to pull together the pieces of a broken family. I remember thinking it looked like a juggling act. I remember being so afraid on the inside but I also knew she would figure things out. She had to swallow her pride more than once to keep things going but she never showed us that she was worried. There was always a smile on her face for us. I look back and now I could understand that inside she must have been so frightened and tired and knowing her she must have figured that showing these emotions would get her no where.

She taught us to find the humor in the worst of times. I was blessed with a mother with a terrific sense of humor. Even in her last days, laying in bed sick, she still made us laugh. She always had a good story to tell. From growing up in Maine to being the first of her friends to "wear pants" out in public. I could sit and listen and laugh with her for hours.

My mother had a huge heart and opened it up toward everyone. But that heart was something you didn't take advantage of because behind it was a very strong willed woman who didn't tolerate being taking advantage of.

Our lives in the Clark house was nothing short of a soap opera. It was something new every day, From the good to the bad she showed us unconditional love. My siblings and I (there were nine of us) put her through the ringer more than a few times and no matter what, she never stopped loving us.

I find myself using these lessons in my life. I look at them as more then lessons but as gifts from a woman I knew loved me and my brothers and sisters very much. To ignore or forget these gifts would be nothing short of a disgrace to the very person who gave them to us through love.
I'm so thankful for her and love and miss her so much. So here's to you mom.
"Happy Mother's Day".

Saturday, May 03, 2008

When A Friend Leaves

People come and go from our lives all the time. It's just a fact of life. But when the ones I care about leave is when I realize how much that fact of life sucks.

My friend Kenny moved away this morning to the San Diego and I thought I would write something here in his honor. Kenny not only provided me with some of the best pictures I've posted on this blog in the past year but far more importantly he gave me true friendship that I'll always cherish.

From meeting me at top of the Rockefeller Center Building after I ran up the entire stairwell to the fun we had to exploring NYC to just hanging out watching Project Runway marathons, you were a high point to me this past year (minus the time my train ran over that lady when I was heading into the city to see you).

I don't think we thank out friends enough or tell them how much they mean to us so I want to take this time to say I'll miss you when watching the pups, or The Soup. I'll never look at NYC again without thinking about you.

So thank you for the friendship and smiles. Even though we'll talk on the phone and the computer I'll still miss you my friend.

I wish you all the happiness and successes at what ever you do! I'll see you soon, I promise.