Sunday, August 24, 2008


The roar of nearly a thousand motorcycles and a fire truck rumbled over 300 miles from New York City to Shanksville, PA. where hundreds of firefighters from NYC joined firefighters from Shanksville. With them they brought a memorial to be placed at the Shanksville fire house in dedication to the 40 men and women of United Flight 93 who gave their lives to stop terrorists who hijacked their plane on September 11, 2001.

The memorial, a 14 foot, 2 ton cross made of steel from the north tower of the World Trade Center sits in a base shaped like the Pentagon.

"We wanted to find a home for this steel," said Paddy Concannon, a retired lieutenant from the NY Fire Department.

As hundreds stood with their head bowed in prayer on Sunday morning the 14 foot cross was placed in the ground and erected and now has a home in Shanksville, PA.

As the 7th anniversary of the terrorists attact on September 11, 2001, it's incredible to see how this day still is so touching to so many.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


The invasion of the monsters has begun. Japan had it's Godzilla. Transylvania had it's Dracula and in the last few weeks the United States has had it's Montauk Monster, Chupacabra and dead Big Foot.

It might be a sign that Halloween isn't that far off but it all started about three weeks ago on Long Island when a mysterious corpse washed ashore in the area of Montauk. The photos quickly hit the inter net and news agencies around the world followed. Even though there was no physical evidence of the dead creature, several people claimed to have seen the lifeless monster and some even snapped pictures of it. Many theories started on where this "Thing" came from. Some say it escaped form an animal research lab that is based on a near by island. Some say it's a huge sea turtle that lost it's shell while others believe it's a work of photo shop and a down right hoax.

The strange sightings of the monster invasion continued last week in southern Texas when a police car, driving down a dirt road, spotted a creature running just in front of their patrol car. The dog like being was captured on the car's dashboard video camera and when examined it showed a for legged animal with long rear legs galloping down the road. The shocking part os when the creature turned it's head toward the police car and you could clearly see an extremely long snout that is unlike any known animal. many people believe that the creature that was captured on video is the mythical Chupacaba, a creature that people claimed to have seen for decades and has said to have killed chickens and other farm animals in the Texas, Mexico area.

The third monster sighting is probably the most amusing. Two men, one a former police officer, claimed the discovered the corpse of a dead big foot in the hills of Georgia. This claim set off wild speculation on what these men found. Many became excited that finally the big foot mystery was solved while others wanted proof. The two geniuses gave what they felt was enough evidence to convince the world that they had a true big foot monster. They brought the world... a photo. The photo shows what they claim was a 7 1/2 foot tall, hairy, dead monster, guts and all hanging out of it, in a box. When questioned and pressed for more evidence, like the body itself the two said they had a DNA test done to it and the world would see from that teat it was a real big foot. When the DNA came back it showed it was taken from a human and a opossum. Now all these two men have that they could claim is fact is a bog foot... in their mouths.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Strange Olympic Facts

Now that the 2008 Summer Olympics are in full swing I thought I would bring some unusual trivia about the Olympics to my blog.

The Medals:
No medals were awarded in the ancient Olympic games. A winer received an olive wreath on his head. The second and third place winners received nothing.
When the Olympics were revived in 1896 the top placed winer received a silver medal. On 1904 the top medal was changed to the gold.

The last time the gold medal was made entirely from gold was in 1912. Now the silver and gold medals are made of 92.5% silver, with the gold medal covered in 6 grams of gold.

Strange Olympic Events That No Longer Exist:
1. Rope Climb (1896-1932): Using only their hands, competitors try to see how fast they can get to the top of the rope.

2. Tug Of War (1900-1920): This events was just as it sounds. 8 men on each side pull a rope and force their opponents to their side.

3. Standing High Jump (1900-1912): Same as the traditional high jump, only without the running start.

4. Underwater Swimming (1900): A person was awarded points for how far and how long they could stay under water.

5. Live Pigeon Shooting (1900): Yes, you read this one right. A bunch of birds were released and a shooter would see how many birds he could kill before they flew away.

6. Plunge Diving (1904): From standing position a diver would see how far he could go without taking a stoke.

7. Dueling Pistols (1904): Shooters fired at mannequins with bull's eyes on their chest. At least they weren't real people like those poor birds.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

93 Cents For Flight 93

93 Cents for Flight 93. That's what a small fund raiser in Akron, Ohio ask for. It started in Ohio schools. It was aimed at bringing awareness to children, young adults and even senior citizens of what 40 men and women gave their lives for on September 11, 2001. This was a way for people to make a difference and help raise money for a memorial being built in Shanksville, PA in honor to those 40 heroes.

The task of this group is to raise one million dollars by asking people to donate 93 cents each. The group has already raised $4, 000 locally and hopes to bring their campaign nationally.

13 million dollars of the 35 million dollars in private donations that are needed to build the memorial have already been raised in private donation throughout the United States so far.

These 40 men and women were not soldiers but yet they were the first to face and fight the terrorists that declared war upon the United States. These 40 men and women deserve a fitting memorial so please give.
Below is a link to "93 Cents For Flight 93" and a video made by the students that are involved.