Wednesday, August 06, 2008

93 Cents For Flight 93

93 Cents for Flight 93. That's what a small fund raiser in Akron, Ohio ask for. It started in Ohio schools. It was aimed at bringing awareness to children, young adults and even senior citizens of what 40 men and women gave their lives for on September 11, 2001. This was a way for people to make a difference and help raise money for a memorial being built in Shanksville, PA in honor to those 40 heroes.

The task of this group is to raise one million dollars by asking people to donate 93 cents each. The group has already raised $4, 000 locally and hopes to bring their campaign nationally.

13 million dollars of the 35 million dollars in private donations that are needed to build the memorial have already been raised in private donation throughout the United States so far.

These 40 men and women were not soldiers but yet they were the first to face and fight the terrorists that declared war upon the United States. These 40 men and women deserve a fitting memorial so please give.
Below is a link to "93 Cents For Flight 93" and a video made by the students that are involved.

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