Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Senator Craig arrested.." I AM NOT GAY"

Sen. Larry Craig today denied any wrong doing today in connection with his arrest in a men's public restroom in the Minneapolis Airport. But what strikes me as odd is Craig's even more desperate cry to the public that he's not gay.

The married Idaho senator, who has been known to vote against every gay issue concerning equal rights, was arrested after soliciting an undercover male police officer in a men's public restroom at the airport in Minneapolis. The undercover officer stated that Senator Craig watched him go into a men’s stall and peeked at him through the crack in the door. Craig then went into the stall next to the officer and placed his wheeled baggage in front of the stall door so no one could see into the crack. He than slid his foot into the officer’s stall until it touched the officer. After he got down on his knees and brought his hand and arm over into the officer’s stall “reaching for him”. The officer then showed his badge under the stall. Senator Craig then stated “oh no”.

Dear Senator Craig, You keep stating that “I AM NOT GAY”. Being GAY is not a crime. Being a pervert in a men's public bathroom is a crime.

I know the fear of living life in "the closet" (I hate that saying but I'll use it in this case). But I never lied about who I was or work against the very lifestyle God chose for me or perved in a men’s public bathroom like you have done. A true man would stand his ground and admit to whom he was when faced with destiny. I have found that the fears of saying "I'm gay" are empty. I live by the words someone wrote..."Don't let the fear of rejection keep you from showing up every day of your life".

I can’t imagine living a life of lies and being true to yourself about who you are..in a men’s bathroom. That’s so sad if you think about it.

Now I’m not saying you have to make your personal sexual preference public to the world but I am saying you shouldn’t knock the very person you are by voting against equal rights for everyone.

The advice I would give to Senator Craig is to stop being a coward. (and I say coward not because of not admitting he’s gay but for using his power to vote against gays because of his fear and denial). Stand on your own two feet and stand proud of who you are. Once that step is taking I think you’ll breathe a lot easier. Your life will change and there’s a big chance that you won’t get back into office because of ignorance but you’ll live a life being true to yourself and the ones you love. But the most important advice I would give to him would be to stop being a pervert in public restrooms.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

How To Spend A Million Dollars

I'll be the first to admit that I play the Powerball Lottery twice a week in hopes of winning the millions (this week it's 160+ million). I can't begin to imagine what I would do with the money if I won. Well, the truth is I must have had a million different dreams about what I would do with the money if I won. From investing it to make more (ohhh the greed) to spending it on foolish things like a $800,000 tree house (ohhh the stupidity). One of my friends ask me today how I would spend 1 million dollars if I had it and the question wasn't easy to answer. I thought about helping out my family members who needed some help or buying a nicer home. I also read that 70% of people who win the lottery are broke within a few years from being foolish with spending, not realizing there are high taxes, ect.
"They" say that money doesn't buy you happiness. I say paying my bills makes me happy. Buying nice things makes me happy. I know it can't buy you friends or love. It could turn the nicest person in the world into the most evil. It could make friends turn on friends, loved on on loved ones. There's so much to lose and so much to gain. It could make you so popular and yet make you a target.
What would you do with a million dollars? Would it change you? Would it make you happier? Who would you tell you had the money? Would you quit your job? Ect.
The answers could be so easy and yet so hard. Personally one day I would like to find out!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Erasure: Brooklyn, NY

On one of the hottest days in recent memory I ventured out with a few of my friends to see Erasure give an outside concert in Brooklyn, NY. I once again joined my trio of Erasure groupies (Gary, Suzanne and Denise) and met up with a few of their friends to withstand the heat and watch Andy Bell give yet another incredible performance as lightning eerily lite up the nighttime sky. While most of the songs were from the Light At The End Of The World cd (I love this cd), they also played some of their classics. Just watching how much fun Andy Bell has on stage I could tell that he loves what he does and that makes for an even better performance. His voice and music just gives you a nature high (even though I could smell some other ways of getting high around me ha ha).
I'm still amazed by NYC. Even though I've seen it dozens and dozens of times I'm still blown away by everything from the skyline, to the cool diner and bar we went to and right down to the whole lifestyle of this great city. I don't think I'll ever outgrow that feeling of awe. We ate at the best diner and then met some friends in a bar that was so cool that it set the mood for the rest of the night. Even though Denise didn't get her Mr. Softie ice cream (rumor has it that they sell drugs from the truck anyhow) the night still rocked! I do have to give kudos to Suzanne's most excellent driving skills. She drove the streets of NYC like a pro, got us there in an hour, found an incredible parking space (Gary said "no way he was parking his car in that neighborhood" ha ha) and navigated us through the pouring rain and lightning on the way home! I get lost just looking at a "WELCOME TO NYC" sign! Here's a few pictures of the concert and friends.