Saturday, August 04, 2007

Erasure: Brooklyn, NY

On one of the hottest days in recent memory I ventured out with a few of my friends to see Erasure give an outside concert in Brooklyn, NY. I once again joined my trio of Erasure groupies (Gary, Suzanne and Denise) and met up with a few of their friends to withstand the heat and watch Andy Bell give yet another incredible performance as lightning eerily lite up the nighttime sky. While most of the songs were from the Light At The End Of The World cd (I love this cd), they also played some of their classics. Just watching how much fun Andy Bell has on stage I could tell that he loves what he does and that makes for an even better performance. His voice and music just gives you a nature high (even though I could smell some other ways of getting high around me ha ha).
I'm still amazed by NYC. Even though I've seen it dozens and dozens of times I'm still blown away by everything from the skyline, to the cool diner and bar we went to and right down to the whole lifestyle of this great city. I don't think I'll ever outgrow that feeling of awe. We ate at the best diner and then met some friends in a bar that was so cool that it set the mood for the rest of the night. Even though Denise didn't get her Mr. Softie ice cream (rumor has it that they sell drugs from the truck anyhow) the night still rocked! I do have to give kudos to Suzanne's most excellent driving skills. She drove the streets of NYC like a pro, got us there in an hour, found an incredible parking space (Gary said "no way he was parking his car in that neighborhood" ha ha) and navigated us through the pouring rain and lightning on the way home! I get lost just looking at a "WELCOME TO NYC" sign! Here's a few pictures of the concert and friends.

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