Saturday, June 30, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Sighting of Harrison Ford

OK, day three and I'm really starting to feel like a stalker. Well, I shouldn't feel that way seeing that there was a good 200 people watching this movie being made along with myself. I saw Steven Spielberg waving to Harrison Ford's stunt double as he rode a motorcycle through that courtyard in a section of Yale. Then I saw him talking to a short gray haired man in a brown suit. The guy turns around and it's Harrison Ford! He was done before I could blink an eye. I'm starting to thing the stunt double is the true star of this movie.

I did sneak back on the set when they broke for lunch and got to stand next to the bike Indiana Jones was riding! I then was escorted off the set by the tough Paramont Studio security team. I at least got a few pictures off before they got me. There was also about a hundred extras all dressed up as though it was 1950. It was almost like a horror movie! I posted a pic on the bottom

Well at least I saw Harrison Ford. I think the movie is being shot all this week so I'll try to keep things up to date ... if I don't get busted first.

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trish said...

Rick. I've enjoyed your tales of your second career stalking. You must write more!