Saturday, June 09, 2007

Am I the only one out there addicted to the Sci-Fi Channel's movies that are shown on Saturday? These movies usually look like they were made form 3rd rate directors that filmed them with a video camera and were scripted by some nerdy high school student. They star actors from yesteryear that seemed to have dropped off the face of the Earth (Vanessa Williams, C. Thomas Howell to name a few). Watching these once serious actors trying to keep a straight face as they run from really bad computer images of u.f.o.'s and animated giant bugs is a hoot.

There's something likable about a man eating fish that could walk on land named "Frankenfish", or the giant snow loving spiders that prey upon unexpected skiers called "Ice Spiders".

While most of these movies focus on animals gone wild, they do sometimes throw in a "the world is coming to an end" movie. Some of the movies are right out rip offs of major motion pictures but look like they were made in someones garage. That's the true appeal of this network's Saturday flicks.


lorelai236 said...

Nice blog, Rick!

Remember Mystery Science Theater 3000? My brother got me hooked.

zip-loc said...

dude thanks for ur help dude! i like ur blog!

HotConflict said...

How could you forget "THE ROCK MONSTER" ?!

Of all the recent Sci-Fi, that one took the cake.
I find the idea of the cheezy Saturday sci-fi movie appealing in some weird way also.

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