Friday, June 29, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Attack of the New Haveners

I went back to the film site again and this time things were really hopping. The street was lined with classic cars from the 50's. They all were idle and waiting for Steven Spielberg to yell "action". It was more difficult to walk around the set because the security was very tight. Down a side street was a old motorcycle with Harrison Ford's stunt double on it. That was the closest we got to seeing Harrison today. It was kind of like seeing his evil twin that can't act but could ride a vintage 1950 motorcycle through the streets of New Haven.

I saw Steven Spielberg walking around and looking into a camera pointed at the vintage cars. They were yelling "QUIET"... funny thing was that they were the only ones making noise by yelling quiet all the time.

Seeing Ford or not, it's still a fun experience watching all the film crew, cameras and lights. The filming is going to continue all through next week so I'm still holding out hopes in getting an up close pic of Steven Spielberg or Harrison Ford. Hell, at this point I'll settle for a shot of the evil twin on the motor cycle.

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Azzitizz said...

Hi Rick,
Wow, what an experience.
Hope you get your pics of Indie.
I would be rubbish, I'd get a pic of the sky as I hit the floor in a full faint!
65 or not, he is still my heart throb!
Can't wait for your next post on the subject.
Love X