Thursday, June 28, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Seekers of Spielberg

Today I went down the street from the hospital I work at in New Haven, CT and watched Paramount Studios transform one of New Haven's main roads from a thriving city street in 2007 to a strip of stores out of the simpler year of 1953 for a few scenes of the next Indian Jones movie.

Chapel Street is filled with stores and surrounded by Yale University. The movie studio changed all the store fronts to resemble the stores that lined the street in the early 1950's. I was amazed at the detail they put into their work, right down to the products that were hot for sale back in the day.

Although we didn't see Harrison Ford or Steven Spielberg...YET, (both are on location here), we did hear rumors of sightings of the two.

One of the scenes being shot is a motorcycle chase scene through the Yale campus and through the streets of New Haven.

After messing around with some props on the set and being yelled at by Spielberg's assistant for being on the set and taking pictures, we were lucky enough to be interviewed by a local news crew covering the story. Tomorrow I'm hoping to head back down to try to get a glimpse of Spielberg or Ford. I'll fill you in if that happens.

The pics I posted was me (in my hospital scrubs) in front of "Woolworths", a store that was in New Haven up until the early 1980's and was recreated by Paramount Studios.

The other is my friend Lisa being interviewed by NBC.


Geoff said...

Rick, Huge Indiana Jones fan here...I'm envious that you are close enough to get yelled at by the production team. And if that wasn't enough to make me went to the True Colors concert! I've heard it's a blast. Anyway, great blog, enjoy the posts and know that not only have you made a guy in Idaho very very jealous...but you also made him into a fan too, lol. Great job! Geoff

Paper Fan Club said...

Hey Rick: I'm so jealous! Just to get "thatclose" to a major movie set is a starwatcher's dream come true. Post more info -- especially if you have any brushes with fame or get any candids of the stars.