Monday, November 05, 2007

Optical Illusions

Hi! I thought I'd have some fun with your brains and eyes. Check out these cool optical illusions. Remember, nothing on the page is actually moving. They're kind of wild.
(click on the image to make it bigger)


Elise said...

I've seen these before. Apparently the more the images seem to move the more stressed you are... Wow my eyes are hurting!

Azzitizz said...

Me too, but they are amazing.
Have to leave it at that as I'm starting to feel a little sick......Blech!

kasper794 said...

Those are awesome.

stacys1175 said...

Those are so cool I liked the 2nd one

Geoff said...

Fun! Only the 2nd one worked for me....what does that mean? (and I am wearing my glasses)