Monday, March 31, 2008


I thought I would have a little April Fool Fun with everyone so I posted a few pictures labeled A-M. Some of these pictures could be REAL some could be FAKE. All could be REAL and all could be FAKE. Take a look at them and you try to guess what is what.
To find the answers just click the COMMENT link at the bottom of this post. Let me know how you did.
To see the actual size of the pictures just click on them and hit the back arrow to return to the post.


Rick's Time On Earth said...

Believe it or not..these pictures are
REAL: D, F, H, M

Linilla said...

Had me fooled! But I like the big rabbit!

p.alan said...

I was thinking I had been to a place like photo "A". If not, then something eerily similar:)

Darqangel said...

wow that was cool! I like your blog. I had to look at those pics a while to figure it out. And im still not sure. haha Earth Mother who loves going GREEN! said...

Are the "PITS" square too, Rick? lol
Just wanted to get my two cents in.. keep up the
fine posting.
I love your zeal for your
Rick's Time here kicks ass!
Your sister blogger, Bee.