Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gay Equality : Drive It Forward

The initial shock and sadness of the vote to ban gay marriage in California has pretty much settled in me like a damn cold on a rainy winter's morning.

What I do realize looking back at the history of the battle for civil rights in this country is this:
We will experience bumps and potholes on this road we travel. But as long as we keep going forward we will reach our destination!
We could never stop going forward. We have hope, pride, spirit and unlike them, a God who loves all he created.

Stand together people!!!


Douglas said...

My feeling, as an atheist,is that marriage is a religious designation. That is, marriage belongs to religion, not to the secular. So long as you are equal under law, there is no need for marriage to be part of it. My position is that all marriages be re-designated as "civil unions" under the law. That the word "marriage" be stricken from all laws. It would be a true separation of church and state and it would resolve this issue.

Rick's Time On Earth said...

Thanks for your comment Douglas!
I agree that marriage is a religious term to most but it is also a term used in society and certain benefits go along with being "married". The point of being told we have no right to these benefits because of our biological makeup is beyond reason.
You have a terrific point about having the word "marriage" stricken from all laws. But the sad fact remains that a prejudice is out there toward gay people and it's even sadder when they use "their God" to hide behind that prejudice.

p.alan said...

I am only two short years into the longest and most meaningful relationship of my life. With each passing day, I realize how the commitment that my partner and I share will more greatly influence society's concepts of marriage, rather than the other way around. It does take time, and will take time, for things to change. It must, though, come from the inside out. As more and more same-gendered relationships become common, the laws will change. It can be a very daunting prospect, especially when looking at it through a microscope, but it will happen.... And I hope I can impact it, in my own way, by LIVING it, right now, regardless of it's current legal definition.