Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's wait... It's ComicCon NYC 2008

They say that there's a million things to do in NYC. Today I found a doozy. My friend convinced me to go to the World Series of Comics.. Comic Con NYC. This is like Geek Christmas to some people. To others it's just plain old fun. Now they describe this as an event where all the comic book artist, writers, toy makers, sci-fi makers all get together and show off their work. How I describe it is a Revenge Of The Nerds ala Trekkies meets The Comic Book Guy. This is a once a year event...THANK GOD.

As I made my way into the Jacob Javitz Center I was met by a line that held THOUSANDS of waiting people (no joke). As we slowly crept into this massive building I took in the sites and sounds of dorkism. From the dozens of Storm Troopers to Elf Women to men wearing superhero costumes, enjoying the fact they found under-roos that fit them and being brave enough to wear them in public. The funny part was how much these people were getting into these characters. You could see some of them had that "I believe in the force" look in their eyes.

Once I got into the Javitz Center it became more entertaining. I saw some middle aged man dressed as a Star Trek Officer. I bumped into so many Spidermen that I wish I had a can of bug spray on me. I even came across a whiskey bottle carrying Banana. I still have no clue about that one.

One cool highlight was having some guy strike up a conversation with me while I was in line. It turned out to be actor Seth Green. The bad part of that was it was the first 2 minutes I was in the building..and it was down hill from there.

Now I'm being a little harsh on this whole thing but I'm only poking fun. I actually had an OK time. I think a lot of us have some geek inside of us. I met some incredibly talented artist for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. And everyone there was having a good time so all the power to them.

As for me, it was one of those once in a life time things. I say that because if I did it again I'd probably die. (OK, that was a little harsh).

Here are some pics from the day. The red headed guy is Seth Green by the way. Check out the Banana Man also.

(click on the pictures to see full size)

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