Thursday, April 10, 2008

With You: The Mark Bingham Story

My life has taken me in all direction. I've seem some incredible things and met some fascinating people but two years ago this month I met a group of people that forever changed my life in a wonderful way.

Alice Hoglan is the mother to United Flight 93 hero Mark Bingham. Mark was one of 4 men who was believed to have rallied the passengers of United Flight 93 after their plane was hijacked on September 11, 2001. These 40 people gave their lives stopping the terrorists on their hijacked plane from crashing into out nation's capital.
Mark inspired me to take a step that was more like a jump without a net. But as my toes left the cliff I realized that Mark's mom Alice and his friends Joe and Todd would be my net and help me land on my feet more grounded then I ever thought possible.

A documentary is being made about Mark's life and with great honor I was ask to be part of it. It's still in the work but it's expected to be released in early 2009. I was sent a trailer to the documentary about this extraordinary man.
Chick the play button and check it out. (I'm the guy in the gray t-shirt and blue cap with Mark's mom Alice on the rugby field)

Director and Producer: Scott Gracheff is an Emmy-Award-winning documentary filmmaker.


wcgillian said...

In the winter of 2005, I stood in one of the massive buildings of the Smithsonian in Washington DC. My two little boys were with me and before us incased in glass was a small section of the tail from flight "93." It appears to me that Marks purpose on this earth was to lead and from everything we know, he sure did!


ArtyEm said...

that was very moving - thanks for sharing that.

p.alan said...

That is so awesome, Rick. You have the honor to speak for so many of us, me included, who became empowered by the life of Mark. Perhaps he would not want to become, as his friend said, a gay hero (of sorts), but in the context of how he has impacted both you and me... well, I don't think he could be anything but proud. I am forever changed by only knowing of him peripherally. I can only imagine the impact he had on people who knew him in person.

I look forward to seeing the film!