Thursday, July 03, 2008

Early American Flags

I did a little research on the early American Flag and found that before an offical flag was named there was a wide variety of flags that represented the United States Of America.

The first time this flag was flown was on the Liberty pole in Taunton, MA.

This flag was flown in 1776 and was known as the Continental Navy Jack.

The Fort Mifflin Garrison Flag was flown in 1775.

The Sons Of Liberty Flag was flown in 1777 by a resistance group of colonist.

The Grand Union Flag of 1776 was the first flag of the Continental Army. It was raised on January 1, 1776 in Boston.

The Alliance flag of 1779

The Serapis flag of 1779

The Bennington flag of 1777 was one of the first flags to be used on American soil.

1st Navy Stars and Stripes of 1777 is the first documented U.S.A. flag.

Old Glory of 1776 was known as the Colonist Flag and some consider it the founding flag of our nation.

Fort Mercer flag of 1777.

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p.alan said...

Rick, you're a fountain of info. I think it's funny to see the Union Jack set to red and white stripes. And that last one is really cool!