Monday, September 01, 2008

Top 20 Signs That Summer Is Over

Labor Day is here and as far as I see it, summer is done. The signs are everywhere.

My Top 20 Signs That Summer Is Over:

1. School buses.

2 .The shadows get longer.
3. Chilly nights.
4. Crickets seem to get louder.
5. New fall television shows.
6. Halloween candy slowly showing up in the stores.
7. Back to school sales.
8. The leaves on the trees start to lose that shinny green color.
9. The lifeguards at the beaches are gone.
10. Signs for fairs (The Big E is the New England fair).
11. Election signs on people's front lawns.
12. Summer clothes are nearly missing from the stores.
13. Crappy movies at the theaters.
14. Need a sweatshirt in the morning.
15. Apple cider.
16. Open windows to let the cool breeze in.
17. Red, yellow and orange mums.
18. The corn stalks start to turn brown.
19. The Jerry Lewis Telethon.
20. Apple picking signs.

Let me know if I missed any signs. Drop them in the "comments" if you could think of any.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Haha this is pretty cool. you forgot "everyone gets cranky!" its true! nobody looks forward to cold weather!