Tuesday, September 02, 2008

9-11 In Pictures

It was a promise we made seven years ago. It was made by so many of us. The day was September 11, 2001. The promise was "We Will Never Forget".
To uphold that promise I'm dedicating the month of September to the victims and heroes of 9-11.
I'm posting picture that captured that day and the days to follow.Through out the month I'll keep adding to this collection. Take time to look at these images and remember that day. Remember the ones we lost and the ones we promised never to forget.
If you would like to share any comments or stories on September 11, 2001 please do so in "comments".

(click on the image to see full size)


darkcitydame4e said...

Thanks Rick,
For "never" forgetting 9/11!...I think that some of the pictures that you have posted are very devastating, very sad and very
eerie,(When I use the word eerie, I mean in the sense, that it's "strange" to see people covered with (the residual/and dust) after the Twin Towers fell they almost look like statues and it seems as if time just stopped on that day!)
but one picture that you posted is very comforting and that is the picture of the 2 "blue beams" against the night sky! symbolizing a "ray" of hope!...Where the Twin Tower once stood!
Once again! Thanks, for sharing!...and
May God Bless You!...You have given me a reason!

SeƱor said...
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