Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Santa Around The World

As Santa flies around the world delivering his toys to children this Christmas Eve, he might run into some competition. As most of us in America think that we all know what Santa Clause looks like, we might get some argument from other children from around the world.

The Dutch version of Santa is named Sintirklass. He arrives by boat on December 6 and children leave wooden shoes filled with hay and carrots for his donkey which carries his toys.

In Italy there is La Befana who is a good witch that dresses in black. Children leave their shoes by the fireplace on December 6. Befana comes down the chimney on her broomstick and leaves toys for children.

In Germany, while families are at church on Christmas Eve the Christkind or Christ Child brings presents to their homes.

In Spain children wait until January 6 for their presents. The Three Kings or Wise Men bring gifts. Children put their shoes at the front door to receive their gifts.

In Sweden a gnome called Juletomten bring gifts in a sleigh driven by goats.

In Switzerland the Christkindl brings the gifts. Sometimes the Christkindl appears as an angel.

In England, Father Christmas is a stern version of our Santa.

In France, Pere Noel brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve.

In Australia, Santa rides water skis, has a white beard and a red bathing suit.

So this Christmas, be sure to leave cookies for the Santa, hay for the donkeys, your shoes near the door and fireplace and if in Australia make sure you live near the water!


Anonymous said...

Cool post Rick, I was planing on something along those lines, but I'll link it later, I already have a couple of links today.


Rick's Time On Earth said...

I might do the history of American Santa later on.