Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vintage New Year Post Cards

I'm beginning to think I have a fascination with vintage post cards. Just by looking at these cards you could see so much art and history of that time period.
I did some research and found these awesome New Year post cards.
I hope you enjoy them!


Krystallia said...

Hi! I really like the cards that you posted! I found your blog because I got some really nasty comments from someone when writing a post about my blog on the blogger help group-Coffee thing. And so i checked his previous messages and saw he had written to you too...What an annoying person...

Anyway good luck with your vintage cards!


Rick's Time On Earth said...

Thank you for the nice comment. Don't let others discourage you. That's the flip side of blogging, not everyone is going to agree with us. I saw your blog, it's great. Awesome pictures.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Hi Rick, agree with Krystallia, great posts.

Been and had a look at her blog too. One can only guess who "the annoying person" was.

Don't let negativity get to you Krystallia.