Thursday, June 05, 2008

Poor Ed McMahon...WHAT THE....

I'm sitting here watching the news and wondering if I've grown into a cold, heartless, bitter person. The reason I question this is because I have an over all feeling of disgust and nausea watching a news story about how Ed McMahon is on the brink of losing his 5 MILLION DOLLAR mansion to foreclosure.

All these people are saying "poor Ed". What about the thousands upon thousand of families who are losing there "average" homes?

I really do feel sorry that he's losing his home. I feel bad for anyone in this situation but this man just rebuilt his mansion after he had mold in it and after he won a 7 MILION DOLLAR lawsuit and now he's on Larry King crying "poor me". Maybe I just don't get it. He should have built a cheaper, smaller house. One that he could pay for. Not some status symbol. Families that would be happy to have a house the size of his garage are the ones in need of our prayers and help right now.

Show us a real family that's struggling to survive and feed their kids and are desperately trying to hang on to their little house. That's what teh news should be showing us. How about the people who are sick, lost their jobs and face foreclosure? What the news decides to show us is some man who's whining about blowing millions upon millions of dollars and now can't hang on to his mansion. Is there no shame?

O.K. I admit it..I'm growing cold, heartless and bitter.


ArmieBrat96 said...

I think tgis blog is totally true... Shit my mom struggles to keep paying her rent on time... I do not know why people focus thier attention on the people who was given a fair chance and blew it on worthless stuff.... So maybe i am heartless to but Ed should have manged his money better

Rose said...

The first thing that I noticed when I read the story about his house being in forclosure is that he was suffering from an injury - his neck being broken so he couldn't work.

I just think its a case of not preparing for the future even though he did make so much money.

But you do have to have some compassion for the man.