Monday, June 02, 2008

My "Family"

I truly believe that family isn't who you are born with. It is who you let into your life and heart.

My best friend Joe is someone I call my brother. Many people live their entire life and never find a true best friend. I've been lucky enough to have actually found one. From the moment I met Joe I knew we would be friends. He has been at my side through some of the most horrible of times and right next to me at the most incredible moments of my life.
His wife Cynthia, son Colby (who is my Godson) and two daughters, Molly and Kelsey are as close to me as anyone could possibly be. I'm their Uncle Rick and their my heart.
I heard Colby come into this world. I held all three children right from their first days. We've decorated Christmas trees together, laughed at holidays and cried at tragedy. They hugged me as I lost my mother and they were the very first I was able to be "me" around without fear of being judged. But the hardest thing I've gone through with them was saying goodbye as they moved away to South Carolina.

I went to visit them this past week and the moment I saw them I felt so welcome that it was like coming home after a long time away. Even though we talk several times a week on the phone it's just not the same as being there. although I saw them just 6 months ago it was like only a day had passed the minute we laid eyes on each other. Life didn't skip a beat.
There's nothing like feeling all the hugs from the kids. I could never get tired of hearing the laughter, playing games and just seeing the magic in their eyes as only little kids could have.
I realized that I missed Cynthia's humor and warmth and fun. And what I missed the most is my best friend. The way we get each other's humor. The way he sees life. The way he actually listens and hears what I am saying and actually cares. It's a trait that not many have. He's unique in the best of ways and someone I'm honored to be "brothers" with.
These wonderful people I call my family show me the love that I think I've craved from a family all my life and for that I could never thank them or love them enough.

As the week ended and we all hugged at the airport and said goodbye I could feel the tears filling up in my eyes. I didn't look back as I walked away because if I did I think I would have lost it and I didn't want them to see me cry. It was a long and lonely flight home.

I'm sitting here typing this and it's unlike when I first saw them last week. Even though I've been gone for a day, it feels like months. I miss and love you all. Thanks for being my family.


Joanne Epp said...

Yes, as a mommy of our adopted son I truly believe that family isn't about 'blood'. Sadly, the majority of society still is ignorant in that area. One day....

astrogalaxy said...

You are lucky to have a friend to go throught Good and Bad times with you!
Have a great week!

Joe said...

I hope that everybody has in their life a chance to experience a friend of such caliber. Rick is quite possibly a modern day Saint. I cannot quite possibly put into words what I have learned from him and what he means to me and my family. Anybody that lets Rick touch their heart is that much a richer person. For this is a friendship I will forever treasure and a person I shall always Love. Thanks Rick for everything for it also mine and my families honor to call you BROTHER and "Uncle Rick".
With all our Love The Mihalchicks