Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Far We Have Come. Welcome President Obama

How far we've come.

The year 1959.
A mere sixty years ago. It was common to see colored water fountains, colored seating in restaurants, colored entrances to building. These colors were not vibrant or beautiful. These colors were black and white. These colors were in the shades of racism and hate.

A black man had a better chance at winning the lottery than he did at winning a court case against a white man.
A black woman could only sit in back of a bus until the day came when she said no more.
A black child could not attend the same school as a white child.
A human being that happened to be black could be beaten to death as people looked on and no justice would be served.

The year is 2009.
Today, the people of the United States Of America witnessed the swearing in of our first African-American President, Barack Obama.
We have all united. We are black, white, jewish, catholic, muslim, gay, straight. The list goes on.

If you voted for Barack Obama or not, you can not deny the fact the world today is a closer, more united planet.

You can not deny that the United States Of America has not seen this scope of hope in decades.
You can not deny the fact that this was the first election in the history of this great country that all races, religions, ages and sexes joined forces to correct the course this country has taken in the past years.

Hope is a powerful thing. Action is even greater. We stood together and took action.

The challenge now is for us to keep united and to eliminate bigotry and hate toward not only race but toward the sexes, religions and the social classes.

Today we saw that anything is possible as long as we all stand united and act as one.

God Speed President Obama.

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