Monday, January 05, 2009

MARLEY AND ME : Movie Review

Marley & Me, a motion picture based on the book by John Grogan is the true story of a newlywed couple who decide to get a puppy to help them prepare for parenthood. The puppy they bring home is in the form of a tiny yellow and cream colored Labrador retriever they name Marley.
Quickly the couple realize that this tiny puppy is growing into a full grown, out of control, one hundred pound dog that gets into more mischief then they ever imagined.

Much to my surprise, the story doesn't focus in on the adventures of Marley and all his antics but it pleasantly shows how this rambunctious k-9 is more a part of this couple's growing family then they realize.
This movie is a honest and true look at the struggle of marriage and raising children and how in the end, a seemingly out of control dog becomes a purest, most innocent form of love anyone could ask for.

Owen Wilson is terrific as John Grogan, a newspaper columnist who is constantly questioning if he's happy at what he's doing for a living. Jennifer Aniston proves she could bring tears to our eyes as John's wife. Alan Arkin gives a great performance as Grogan's rough edged, big hearted editor at the newspaper where he works.

For anyone who ever owned a dog or wished they had I would recommend some time with Marley. It's a terrific family movie that will bring laughter, tears and a understanding in how all the joys and heartbreaks of owning a dog are so worth the while.

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