Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome President Obama



The Logistician said...

I grew up drinking out of those water fountains and going to separate bathrooms and such. A story: When I was roughly 5 or so, we stopped at a gas station in the south to get some gas. I saw two water fountains, a clean one for whites, and a dirty one, where it appeared the mechanics washed their hands, for colored folks. I naturally went to the clean fountain to have a drink of water.

My Father immediately ran over and grapped me by the collar and pulled me away, and warned me never to do that again.

Thus, for me, I still do not believe that this has occurred.

Rick's Time On Earth said...

When I hear stories like yours it's almost unimaginable. Not only that it was barbaric and inhumane but that it was just a few short years ago that the lines were so deeply drawn.
There's a children's book out called "Colored Water" that I came across in a book store. I thought to myself that someone finally got the idea right. Start with the youths of this country to show them what yesterday's world was like and teach them that we're all equal.
Thanks for sharing that story.