Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Costumes: The Not So Good, The Bad, The Worst

On Halloween, many people put a lot of thought and planning into their costume. It usually begins with an idea in someone's head and in time it works it's way out of the brain and into the hands where their creation begins to take shape.

Here are a few Halloween costumes that go from funny to right out sad. So take a look and maybe one of these missteps could spark an idea in your head for your next costume.

Here we have a couple of chumps as humps.

Hello Kitty, Good Bye Dignity.

The "Do I look fat in this dress?" Costume.


I can't Believe They Actually Had a Village People Costume... and someone actually bought it!

OK, This is cute!

I'm Amazed At How Much These Costumes Look Like The Actual Person! : /

This Is So Wrong in So Many Ways.

"The Plane. The Plane"
It's "Wonder (if it's a) Woman"


Eight Is Enough... This Costume Is More than Enough.

I Think This Is Supposed To Be Henry Fonda!!

I Love The Fact that This Costume Came With A Union Sign!

Ok, What TV Series DIDN'T They Make A Halloween Costume Of ??

Something's Missing Alright.

The Death Of The Death Star

It's That Time Of The Month.... Halloween.

Happy Baaaalloween.

This Is What You Get If You Combine Spider Man And The Tick.


So there you have it, some funny and yet very disturbing Halloween costumes. Drop by my comment section and tell me of your most embarrassing or funny Halloween costume ideas.


john said...

the elvis was sooooo wrong :D
the baby lobster was great

Konnor said...

I love the baby lobster and the Homer Simpson one! The kid Nazi is a bit disturbing, as is the sheep screwing guy...umm embarassing or funny costume ideas. I have no idea. I was always boring things, I think I was a vampire three years in a row. I'm not very creative, as you can see lol.