Sunday, October 18, 2009

Haunted Lawns 2009

It used to be only Christmas time when we would see houses aglow with holiday lights. Lawns would be decorated with plastic snowmen, reindeer and Santa Clauses.
In recent years, Halloween has been moving in on Santa's trademark yard displays. Last year, retailers made over 4 BILLION DOLLARS by selling what scares us and more and more homes began to transform their cozy surroundings into graveyards, witches dens and anything that would make the unexpected jump out of their pants on Halloween night.
Here are a few examples of the fun people and homeowners have scared up for us.
(click on pics for full view)

This home in the heart of NYC showed that ghost love the city life.

This home invites any trick or treaters in. the question is, do they let them out?

From Homor Simpson to The Incredible Hulk, this house scares up a lot of fun!

The Great Pumpkin over looks this spooky home on Halloween night.

Haunted Home Sweet Home

The glowing lights here aren't store bought LEDs... they're over a hundred candle lit pumpkins.

No bones about it, this guy is loving Halloween.

Most wouldn't be caught dead at this house on Halloween... or would they?

Waiting for his next victim, I mean, trick or treater.

Ready to light your way to the tricks.

There's never a can of Raid around when you need it!

Share your decorating or scary lawn ideas in my comment section!
A couple of interesting sites that could help with ideas on decorating your home and lawn on Halloween are and


john said...

that spider building looks cool, i wonder if they grow it dark with black lights, a fuzzzy 8 legged mound of glowing eyes :D

Konnor said...

The one with all the candle lit pumpkins is so neat!! Your posts are always very interesting with cool pics! :)


Books, said...

Hi! Rick,
Rick said,"Ready to light your way to the tricks.
There's never a can of Raid around when you need it!"

I like photograph ten and eleven the best! and the baby dressed as a lobster in your previous post was..."priceless!"
Thanks, for sharing the links too!
DeeDee ;-D