Monday, October 27, 2008

3rd Annual Great Pumpkin Contest 2008 (Updated Oct 31, 2008)

The 3rd annual HOSPITAL OF ST. RAPHAEL GREAT PUMPKIN CONTEST is officially underway. Last year we won with our beautiful "Cinderella's Coach" pumpkin. This year we decided to step out of the box and go in a whole new direction. With Marsha as our team captain we came up with the Hamburger Pumpkin.
Now the rules are simple. No cutting of the pumpkin is allowed. The pumpkin had to be turned in and put on display in our cafe by Monday the 27th.

With Marsha's vision we slapped a big old plain pumpkin, clay, paint, pins, foam paper and pumpkin seeds into a work of art. Even while getting the evil eye from some witchy co-workers (that have no life and hate anything positive) we still created a masterpiece as we fought off their accusations and moments of "ratism" (ratism: when you rat on co-workers to superiors because you lack true friends, a life and the ability to laugh.)

So here's to "Team Histology" for once again pulling off an incredible job!

The winner will be announced Friday (Oct. 31). It better be us. If it's not then it's fixed. Like that stupid Easter Egg Contest. You know, the one we should have won but didn't because someone stuffed the ballet box. You would say the same thing is you saw the ugly egg that won. Damn Them. (You think I still hold a grudge?) Only joking. They won fair and square. This time we'll win.. without cheating. (I had to throw that part in. Sorry).


Our pumpkin is pictured below. It's the Incredible looking pumpkin. We made everything you see in the picture, from the fries to the pickle.
The other pumpkins are the competition.


Argentum Vulgaris said...

Wow Rick, you guys make all this stuff? It's cool.


Fightdog said...

The hamburger pumpkin is really a creative idea. It's really well executed too. I think you should win, and I'm not just saying that because you scare me a little with your contest grudges.