Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ghost captured On Film 2008

We're still haunting "Rick's Time On Earth" for Halloween. I'm posting some really good pictures where people claim to have captured ghost in them. CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO SEE FULL SIZE.

The above two pictures show footage from a closed circuit camera at the palace of Henry VIII (Hampton Court Castle) just outside London. Security was concerned about a fire exit that was often found open and checked the footage to find this ethereal figure opening and then closing the doors. The figure appears to be wearing long, flowing robes, and could be a woman - maybe King Henry's 3rd wife, Jane Seymour who died on the premises shortly after giving birth. This footage was taken in December, 2003.

This picture is a group portrait of Sir Victor Goddard's squadron. These men had served in the R.A.F. in WW II. If you look in the top row at the fourth man from the left you will see a ghost like face behind him.

Two days before this photograph was taken a mechanic by the name of Freddy Jackson died in an accident. Jackson's funeral had actually been held on the same day the group photo was taken. Squadron members have said they could recognize the face in the picture as that of Freddy Jackson. Did Jackson show up for the group photo even though he was dead?

This picture was taken at Boothill Graveyard. A man dressed up like a cowboy and had his picture taken to bring home as a solveinere. When the picture was developed he noticed that there was a man in the background standing close to a gravestone. The height of the man to the ground shows the man is half way below the ground.

When the woman that snapped this picture of her grandmother she was shocked to see her grandfather standing in the background. Her grandfather died years before this picture was even taken.

Can you spot the ghostly image in this picture?

I posted this picture last year and felt I needed to re-post it because of it's "chill factor."
In 1995, as the town hall in Shropshire, England was being engulfed in flames, a man snapped several pictures of the burning building. After he developed the photos he notices standing amongst the raging fire was a little girl staring back at him. You could see her on the right side of the photo.
In 1677 on this very spot, several timber houses burned to the ground. A small girl was one of the victims of that fire. Could this be the same little girl? (click on picture to enlarge it)

This picture was taken in a living room in West Haven, Connecticut. When the picture was developed there was a blur going across the picture. When the blurred area was blown up, several faces of what appears to be Civil War soldiers in uniform could be seen.

This picture of a group of friends was taken on a man's cell phone camera. He intended to have seven people in the photo. When he looked closer he realized an eighth came to join them,


Argentum Vulgaris said...

Hmmm, Rickster, not sure what to make of ghosts, benign or benevolent.


Sarah said...

The TV almost made me dry heave...freaky shit!!