Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Walk On Halloween Night

Seeing it's October I thought I'd start off the scariest month of the year with an original Halloween poem by yours truly:

"A Walk On Halloween Night"

It's a time of pumpkins, tricks and scares,
It's a night full of goblins, monsters and fears.

A pumpkin's evil grin by candle light aglow,
The sound of the fall leaves rustling as the cold wind begins to blow.

Ghost will rise from their cold, damp grave,
Looking for victims because it's a soul they crave.

Ghouls come back from the dead into the night,
Bringing you fear to add to the fright.

All creatures of the night are free to roam,
You begin to walk faster so you'll be safe at home.

In the distance you hear the hiss of a cat,
As you pass by a tree, the squeak of a bat.

For the one that walks alone they need to beware,
All eye are on you and that's something to fear.

Into your home you're now safe and sound,
But under your bed there's a monster to be found.

Witches on their broomsticks all will take flight,
And soar by the moon on this Halloween Night.

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Argentum Vulgaris said...

Cool poem, liked it. You have a neat page here. I am going to link it on mine, be nice if I got a place on your Cool Places, you're welcome to visit mine.