Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Trail Of Terror 2008"

Last night I dared to brave the haunts on the "Trail Of Terror" in Wallingford, CT. This is a walking trail through the woods of Wallingford. It's heavily "haunted" with interactive scenes from such horror classics as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday The 13th and also a horrifying Santa's Village, graveyard and many other things that would scare the heck out of you.

Now I had the brilliant idea of bringing my 10 year old niece Lea and her friend Dominick with me. We got there before the Trail even opened and there was a line in front of us waiting to go in. We waited for about an hour and as soon as it was dark we were one of the first to enter, thanks to the more expensive "Speed Pass". This place is loaded with some of the scariest, fun filled Halloween excitement you could ever imagine.
I think people could hear my niece's screams of terror from 3 towns over. Her little friend Dominick literally was crawling up my back he was so afraid as we were taunted by Leatherface and his buzzing chainsaw.
We took a good 45 minute walk through twisted paths and old shacks as ghost, witches and some down right terrifying creatures of the night loomed all around us.
As we left the Trail I was partially deaf from Lea's screaming and little Dominick's finger's left a bruise where he was clutching my arm. But buzzing in the ears and bruises aside, this was a terrific time.

This place is not for the very young or the ones with weak hearts. But if you're looking for one incredible Halloween scare I would recommend this place in a second. Just get there early and still expect to stand in a long line... but the wait is totally worth it!


The Reluctant Dreamer said...

Um, if I only I lived near you I could check the place out. But I decided to dress up and decorate the entire yard...backyard and house(inside and out) so that my children's friends can experience THE HOUSE OF

P.S. Wish me luck! With all those kids I may be the one who will be terrified!

Argentum Vulgaris said...

I may be the original killjoy, but sounds like the type of place I artfully avoided with my kids. While I enjoy mild Hallowe'en stunts and costumes, heavy horror is not my scene.


Rick's Time On Earth said...

You're not a killjoy. The Trail really isn't for the young but it's light horror fun for preteens and up. They were all smiles and laughs as we drove home talking about it. The really nice thing is that the money goes to the American Red Cross.